The Coven 13

A Unity Of All Beings

Imagine Dragons

Welcome to... The Coven 13's Website!

If you are interested in joining, there is a submission form. This form is to help us better understand you, where you want to/should be, and what you can and cannot do.

If you are just here to browse and have any questions, feel free to go to the                Questions page so that one of our designated members can contact you and answer any questions you have.

To briefly explain ourselves: We are a coven that is to prove that all beings can work together. Whether you're male or female, vampire or lycan, hybrid or purebred, human or demon... We will stand up together! We are The Coven 13!

To go a little more in depth of what we're all about: Most of us know about what happens in the IMVU community.

Some of us were around when it was still taking its baby steps. As a matter of fact, our leader and some of our captains were even apart of it when it was brand new. Though, they have created new accounts since then.

That aside, we are one of the oldest groups in the community, and have kept the peace in it while we stood. We once had some errors that we were unable to foresee, and our leader had to discontinue the group because of the troubles it caused.

Even though he did that, The ideals and beliefs of the coven were continued on in other groups and in the hearts and minds of all of those who were affected by it.
Now, we are back. We have seen what the community has turned into without a base to hold onto. We wish to return it to the way it was back in the day: peaceful and with less suffering and worry. That's what we strive for: peace, safety, and unity.

Although not all listed squads say they are apart of RPing, they still are, it's just that the title is their main job. Though, all can/do RP. Here is a list of the squads and a brief description of them:

Squad 1: Head of The Coven 13 - The head of the coven and most commonly dealing with its politics and represents each member. Such as, the captain represents each captain, though each captain is equal. Same with lieutenants, sergeants, etc.

Squad 2: Special Forces - Does special jobs that may require a multitude of skills.

Squad 3: Counseling - To document things for the coven and to help those with problems. They also work with Peace Keepers and Investigation.

Squad 4: Healers - To heal or help anyone that needs it. (Obvious, right?)

Squad 5: Information & Processing - They keep the entire coven up to date on all affairs and also keeps documentation. They also work with most of the other squads.

Squad 6: Assassins - Sent to take out threats to the coven, its allies, and/or what the coven believes in. (Without having to start a fight.)

Squad 7: Special Reserves - "The squad that's too good to be on the front lines and is only used when all else fails."

Squad 8: Social Media Branch - In charge of spreading the word of the coven and main recruiting members.

Squad 9: Peace Keepers - The ones that keep the peace both inside the coven and out. They also work with Counseling and Investigation.

Squad 10: Investigation - Conducts internal investigations and any problems within the coven. They also work with Counseling, Peace Keepers, and Intelligence.

Squad 11: Beserkers - The squad to ruin peoples' day if we TRULY need them to.

Squad 12: Instructors - To help those sharpen their RP skills and maybe even teach you a higher tier of RP

Squad 13: Intelligence - Conducts external investigations and any problems outside of the coven. They also work with Squad 1 and Investigation.

Academy: Coven Member Training (C.M.T.) - For all members of the coven who want to either practice, train, spar, or even raise your RP tiers.